Dakota Burford a scammer and ripoff artist

Greetings, I’m Jared Wesley, an industrial real estate investor and co-founder of Live Trader’s LLC. I wanted to give you a heads-up regarding someone on your team, Dakota Burford. I believe in your commitment to motivating individuals from diverse backgrounds and wanted to share some insights. My intention isn’t to sling mud or hold a personal vendetta. I’ve achieved financial success, and my aim is to prevent unnecessary conflicts from poor hiring decisions. Dakota Burford was once with Live Traders, LLC from mid-2017 to March 2018. Unfortunately, he was let go due to theft and dishonesty towards customers.

Initially, he showed promise as an affiliate marketer, but he veered into making dubious claims, even stealing significant amounts from our company. Live Trader’s LLC obtained a judgment against Dakota Burford and his mother Kimberly Louderback for breach of contract and theft. Court documents back this claim. He’s persisted in his fraudulent activities, including threatening to release our courses online for free and selling fake watches on Instagram. He’s also misrepresenting his work history on social media. In short, he’s shown a pattern of dishonesty and deceit.

I believe in your commitment to running an upstanding business. It’s important to be aware of the potential risks Mr. Burford could pose to your company’s reputation. I’ve provided evidence to support my statements, as I know he might attempt to discredit me.

As a fellow professional, I encourage you to consider the impact of his actions on your company’s image. Businesses thrive on integrity, and individuals like Mr. Burford can tarnish that reputation. I hope this information proves valuable in your decision-making process.

Best regards,

Jared Wesley
Post: by Oscar Rodriguez

Are you familiar with a character named Dakota Burford? Has he crossed your path? Have his lies and false promises about his marketing expertise left you feeling deceived, only for him to vanish after taking your money, leaving behind a trail of excuses? His venture, Luxvoni, is nothing but a sham. Yet, he’s gone to great lengths to mask this deception, attempting to make it shine like obsidian.But don’t let Dakota Burford victimize you. This individual has been let go from every job due to his intricate web of lies. Yet, don’t solely rely on our words. We strongly encourage you to reach out to his past collaborators and employers. While you’re at it, delve into his documented history with the SEC, which is openly available for your scrutiny.Stay vigilant, and don’t let this individual’s manipulative tactics ensnare you. It’s essential to protect yourself from those who seek to exploit trust. Your due diligence will undoubtedly pay off.

Jared Wesley

Business Entities I through X, inclusive, Defendants (United States District Court for Clark County, Nevada; Civil Case No. A-20-817416-C) On July 1, 2020, Lifted filed a lawsuit against Luxvoni LLC d/b/a Luxvoni Marketing Solutions (“Luxvoni”) in regard to Luxvoni’s money back guarantee of a $25,000 upfront fee paid by Lifted to Luxvoni for digital marketing services which were never provided to Lifted.
The above captioned text is an exerpt from the SEC FILED LAWSUIT.
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Okay we had to laugh at this cringe video of Grandad plugging Dakota Burford Services as “Amazing” lol How much did you pay this guy?

Hello, My name is Dakota Burford, I’m an entrepreneur, a car enthusiast, an investor, and a firm believer in hard work, loyalty, passion, ambition, trust, character, courage, values, commitment, ideas, persistence, dreams, self-reliance, Intense Realism, Opportunism, Calculated Momentum, Connection, Mastery, Self-Belief and turning dreams into reality.  

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