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Dedicated page for reviews and complaints about  When if comes to reviews and complaints we like to think that what we are reading are genuine and written by verified consumers. Unfortunately that is not always the case and companies are falling prey to untrue complaints that have a negative impact on their business or character as a person. is one of those that use bully tactics and allow everyone to write false complaints out of anger or to extort money from the company or person the complaint was written about. They continue to aid in the abuse of others and it needs to stop! 

Address: 6, Luchezar Stanchev str. , Sopharma Business Towers SOFIA, 1756, BULGARIA


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This defaulters are extortionist - GDPR are going to close them down soon :-) allows fake reviews. The website which is suppose to take reviews about other businesses is actually fake it self. It allows fake reviews to be posted against any business on their website without verifying reviewers profile or requesting evidence of the reviewer ever have used services. Complete character assassination and extortion. 


Most of the reviews on are not legit. A  lot of scammers increasingly use the site to extract money from businesses. They post fake and defamatory reviews about your company and once the bad review appears in google they contact you to offer their services (often pretending to be a SEO company) to remove the fake review. Complete scam and extortion. lets anybody scam and make fraud reviews on another , companies etc . to make potential customers as not reliable . They do not accept any kind proof and there is no way of reaching them when you need help to prove that the review is FAKE. They do not care that personal lives and businesses are being ruined. Take down!! is accepting anybody without any proof , to write some fake reviews .
They are a scam itself and it proves you can not trust this site. Just real all the reviews!! you can tell right away none of them are legit. This site needs to be taken down so that real genuine review sites can be seen and heard. is a great way to be cyber-stalked and bullied since they do not fact check or read all the harassments that are happening on their on site. How they can possibly read all that crap and not have a soul. Anyone can make a complaint and hide behind the computer while spreading lies and there is nothing we can do about it. So shameful 

Simply put, if you have a complaint about a business find somewhere more legitimate to do it and not on Harassment at its finest and immature ADULTS spreading lies just for the fun of it. This website is not trustworthy and only promotes hate. undertakes no other verification measures. It doesn’t contact the business, and it doesn’t examine the complaint for factual accuracy. Fraud, do not trust them. 

This site is scam. will let people slander, lie and say whatever they want without even checking to see if it is the truth. They are in business with take down companies and pay others to write fake reviews to get money for taking it down.....EXTORTION!!!! Stop using them to destroy lives. 

Online reputation is important, especially for people who work very hard to get established. Companies like purposely focuses on destroying people and their families. It is all fake and have no merit. There is no way to contact defaulters since they deleted every social media account they have had along with every phone number and email. Do not mistake them as a friendly company trying to bring awareness to people. They need to be taken down once and for all. should be taken down as well as other sites that continue to let shady people abuse and write false complaints. Do not be a victim and lets all come together to to shut them down! False reporting, extortion, abuse and lies should not be tolerated.

Review site that the sole purpose is to spread lies with no justice. does not verify any account nor do they care about the ruthless content that is being posted. They are protected on all levels and we are left to fend for ourselves with long last crippling affects on our lively hood. claims it brings "people and businesses together to make things better".....How!?? you can't even reach out to the fake poser spreading lies to try and make things better!!!! All this site does is spread lies and pain to honest people for extortion. So disgusting. 

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