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Bought a purple mattress at store in Woodbridge, VA and was told we’d get delivered in 10 business days. That date magically now is 6+weeks and I can’t get a straight answer from anyone on why that is the case. The lack of phone support is just disgusting. Everyone from the useless store employees to the absolutely garbage chat support pawns off the ability to tell me why after taking my money they magically have no idea how to answer my questions. Contacted chat support 3 times, was told to contact the store or they’d get the store to contact me. What a joke. Contacted the store and was told to contact Purple? Then what is the point of ordering from Mattress Firm at all if they’re so useless and can’t even tell me why my delivery date is all over the place? I did contact Purple and their delivery date if I ordered today would be 10 business days, so the BS everyone is spewing doesn’t add up at all. I’ll NEVER bother with this place and make sure anyone that asks for a recommendation is warned about how absolutely useless this company is.

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