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My husband and I are big Costco fans, so I never expected to write a review as negative as this one. It’s not a review of a product (since we haven’t received it, and apparently never will), but of Costco Logistics, the segment that facilitates delivery of large freight items.

We ordered a small sofa on July 2, and scheduled the delivery for July 9. We were told we would receive a call or email the evening before, with a two-hour delivery window. We got both an automated call and an email July 8, saying our delivery would come between 12:15 and 2:15 pm the next day…..but, they never showed. I called Costco Customer Service and they referred me to Costco Logistics. I called them and was told my expected wait time was 170 minutes!

I waited until the next day, and got up at 6:00 am to call. My expected wait time was 30 minutes, but I actually waited on hold for over an hour. The rep said my item had arrived from the vendor on July 9, but too late to make it on the delivery truck that day. The next available delivery date was July 19, a full 10 days later than expected, but we scheduled it for that day.

Same routine - we got the call with our delivery time, and on July 19 we waited and waited……. nothing. No delivery and no communication.

I tried several routes to get through to someone who could speak to a local Logistics rep to find out why this keeps happening, to no avail. I had to wait on hold another two hours yesterday before I finally spoke to someone, and complained so loud and so long that she finally investigated, only to find out that our item never actually made it to our city. It was not on the trailer that arrived July 9, and it is now out of stock, so the order needs to be cancelled.

I have no doubt that if I had rescheduled the delivery to another date we would have gone through the whole exercise again, with no one at Costco Logistics ever catching the error and cancelling our order.

I’m so disappointed in their lack of communication and terrible customer service, and shocked that Costco is affiliated with them. We reorganized our schedules and spent two afternoons waiting around, and countless hours on the phone trying to figure out what was happening, all for nothing. I won’t order anything that can’t be shipped by UPS or FedEx in the near future.

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Ordered a dishwasher and waited 2 weeks for delivery with no other contact. Delivery guys got there and told me they don't do install. When I finally got in touch with someone from Costco I was told it would be 4 MORE DAYS before they installed it. The best part, no one asked us if that worked for us and nobody would be home that day. This is after they had me take the old one out and the water is off. Now I need to install it myself or wait 4 days cuz no one else can come out sooner than that anyhow.

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