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I ordered a child’s penguin back pack and towel.. the towel wasn’t a towel but an expensive hand towel wth? $16.99 for a penguin hand towel I’m very disappointed also it took 30 DAYS to get it... the expensive penguin back back dosent hold much maybe child’s sunglasses and a juice box lol also came with a long rope which was a child’s LEASH .. with delivery taking forever and so disappointed in the size I’ll never order from Walmart ever again!

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I am a long time customer at WalMart Since COVID has been killing our friends and family I have my groceries delivered
I spend at least 200 to 300D each month
I would change my grocery store if there was another one to take my forms of payment
Last month the Delivery Driver delivered my 155.00 grocery order to the wrong address
I had to wait another day before my groceries were delivered because of this unacceptable situation I was promised a free express delivery
This month again I ordered 155.00 worth of groceries
I started at 630 am to place my order
Express was not available so I called Customer Service
I then tried to process my order again but got a error message so I called customer service AGAIN
I was put on hold for 30 min before a Supervisor came on the phone
She proceeded to cancel my order AGAIN and told me I wouldn't receive my groceries until 9-10am TOMORROW
She hung up on me!!!!!
By this time its noon so almost 6 hrs later I call back AGAIN talked to a customer service rep who said he would file a report about the way I have been treated and gave me a 5d code
I tried to process the code it said INVALID and again a error message so I called customer service AGAIN IN TEARS!
The Supervisor processed my grocery order for tomorrow morning 9-10am
I was so upset I had a seizure because of the way I was treated and was lied to and getting hung up on when I didn't yell or anything I simply said that this situation is unacceptable because I need my groceries delivered Today I am Diabetic and must have food
It did not matter to them that because of them I will go hungry tonight I feel like I should file a lawsuit against Walmapain and suffering I am diabetic and had to go hungry and then today I had a seizure because they upset me so
Why does Walmart treat a sick lady like me with such callous disregard for my feelngs?? I spend around 200 to 300 dollars a month every month
I deserve to be treated like a human being not a piece of trash!

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