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Uber officially sucks. Booked a ride for next week to take me to the airport. Only after I had confirmed everything was I told that there might not be cars available then, and that they would let me know at the end of the time window. So they're like "Maybe we will get you to the airport, if there is anyone around then, chump." Was charged a cancellation fee to boot. I'm done with the shi**y service, never agin!

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Absolute worst customer service I've ever experienced. They have no phone number you can call (if they do, they don't make it known). Tried to contact them to change a payment method for my Grandma after a trip was taken because she had forgotten to update her cancelled credit card. They have the option in the "Help" section to do that so it can be done, but when I select the trip I want to change the payment method for, it says "sorry this can't be done" then "click here to speak with support" so I clicked to speak with support, and the whole page just crashes. Tried multiple time. Been trying to find another way to access speaking with support, but guess what, there is none. Uber is garbage, no wonder they make absolutely no money and rely solely on investors. Maybe improve your customer service if you want to keep your garbage business alive in the future and not annoy a bunch of hedge fund billionaires who invested in your god awful company.

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Well. Kinda.

This trash accepted my ride, then called me and told me to cancel my request because I was too far away. I told him no because Uber charges cancelation fees. I told him to cancel it himself.

Awhile later, another Uber driver messaged me and said he had arrived. Too late, dummy. Jose conned you, I already got home via Lyft (a far superior driving experience).

Jose is a con artist, if you get him as your Uber driver, cancel it immediately, he will just try and get free money by pushing you to cancel.


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