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They butchered my golden doodle - Petsmart bellingham MA. Blamed the breed and their coat. My dog is brushed everyday. Yes he had a few knots on his elbows BUT THEY SHAVED HIM DOWN TO HIS SKIN. do the not know how this affects the dog!!!! Disgusted. And had the nerve to charge me when he likely got no bath no grooming just shaved. Easy way out for these guys. NEVER GO TO PETSMART FOR GROOMING. And what’s with paying first before you see your dog. And the groomer who did it didn’t have the guts to show her face when I went to pick him up. RED FLAG RIGHT THERE. NEVER NEVER AGAIN. Will blast them all over social media. I’m mad and heartbroken.  

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Went in with my boyfriends 2 corgi's, 1 short and 1 long hair. Everything seemed fine but the very next morning the long hair we had clipped to be short hair like the other had what seemed like dry red skin. I just brushed it off as irritation to the grooming and in a few days it would clear up. But it didn't she itched and scratched and chewed at her underside. So set up a vet appointment that took a week and the vet said it's a staphyloccus infection Then I called petsmart to see what they would do and they asked me what I was looking for to happen and I said at least the money back for our dog that got the skin infection. Said they would get back to me by Monday or Tuesday and they did, but she said corporate hadn't gotten back and said anything yet. But likely by Thursday or the latest of Friday, so we'll see. No matter what happens this is still unacceptable because it means proper sanitizing methods are not being used on equipment, stations, and gloves between each pet grooming.

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