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I don't know how many times I have to complain about instacart drivers delivering my food to the wrong house for some change to happen. Update the GPS system! or get smarter people to work!!! 

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Muy mal, haces el pedido esperas a que llegue el siguiente dia y media hora antes te escriben que no hay la mercancía y te hacen el delivery de una cajita de blueberries y fresas y te cobran 12.99 de delivery y los 3 galones que pedí no me los llevaron ya que fueron la causa que pagué el delivery .
No es justo no volveré a usarla ni la recomendaré, luego le escribí a José G y dijo ya no se puede cancelar la orden .

Primera vez que hacía una orden y lastimosamente la última.

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I guess its my fault for continuing to use instacart to deliver my food as they seem to never get it to my actual house. Its always a different house they drop it off at and customer service does not seem to care. Will be trying out different companies.

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I blame my roommate for this one, she chose to give them another shot.

Picture this: an entrance gate to a small community. 5 total streets. Flawless directions. Numbers on all the houses. Street signs.

If you're confused, then you may be qualified to be an Instacart driver.

I'm not gonna lie, I hope that thing goes bankrupt, and all the gig workers too stupid enough to get a real job become homeless.

I'm out of patience and understanding, and I dont want another God damn credit because Instacart lets the dumbest assholes that can find a smart phone work for them.

For the love of Christ theres only FIVE STREETS IN OUR GATED COMMUNITY.

How dumb do you have to be to not be able to read street signs? If your answer is "Kinda...", then just walk into traffic and stop failing those of us who aren't incompetent.

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Went on instacart for Albertsons and didn’t receive my order. The driver dropped it off at someone else’s house. After being a peeping Tom and violating my neighbors front yards I decided to give instacart a call. I wanted a full refund but instead I’m getting store credit. Instacart is holding my money hostage like a bunch of thief’s. Thanks for ruining my day!

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I've used Instacart a lot, and I have a problem with their refund policy.

I ordered 6 items the other day. The shopper found all of them, I paid for all of them, but I only received 4 of them. Didn't realize until after he left, as all 6 could fit in one bag and he handed me a bag, which was double wrapped and knotted, and I wasn't able to double check right away. No big deal, ill let Instacart know, they can probably contact the driver and he can come back to drop off the rest of my delivery, right?

Apparently, wrong.

They added a 9 dollar credit towards my next delivery. This is unacceptable to me, since I had already paid an 8 dollar delivery fee to get my original 6 items. Instead of just refunding the 9 dollars I already paid for my items (which I know they can do, since they place a rounded-up charge on your card when shopping, and refund items that aren't available), theyre forcing me to either A) Spend another 8 dollar delivery fee so I can use my 9 dollar credit for items that I already paid for but didn't receive, or B) Spend MORE money to get the delivery feed down to 4 or 5 dollars, completely negating the credit for the items that, again, I PAID FOR BUT DIDNT RECEIVE.

After they gave me the credit, I went through their Contact Us system, explained why it wasn't acceptable, and got no reply.

So, to summarize:

1) I ordered 6 items

2) Shopper got all 6 items

3) Shopper didn't know the difference between one bag of groceries or two, so didn't give me all my items

4) Instacart gave me a credit towards another delivery, which means they made either another 8 dollars off the mistake of their driver, or another 4 dollars (plus the EXTRA money I had to spend to get the delivery fee down to 4).

Instacart should be a convenient time saver. Im willing to pay a fee so I dont have to take my moped to a grocery store and deal with traffic filled with drivers who want to kill me. Instead, they take the opportunity of a mistake made by their driver (humans make mistakes, im not mad about that) to force me to either pay them more delivery fees, or lose the money I spent on items I didnt receive.

Instacart's customer service and return policy are both trash.

I dont expect a big business to have my best interests at heart, but for God's sake, at least dont OBVIOUSLY rip me off. Why should I have to pay extra fees in order to get money that I already spent??

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