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absolutely disgusting! I ordered the kids broccoli and after I ate the entire plate I looked and realized the last piece was INFESTED with bugs. I called the restaurant and they offered me a free dessert, I did not receive a full refund. The next day my boyfriend called their customer service which is a joke! The lady had the audacity to ask if they were actually bugs when in the picture you can clearly see the legs and the heads. She continued to be incredibly rude and didn’t do a thing. Long story short, don’t go to apple bees unless you want to eat bugs and then have their head of customer service say “ what even is that? Pepper or something” like yeah, pepper has a head and legs.

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So ordered from Applebees. Delivery by Doordash. Received notice order canceled by Doordash. Called Applebees who gave no real info. Never said they would send order out with someone new. No solution. So our order we paid for was cancelled by driver who now has our food, likely for her dinner. I get Doordash created the issue but Applebees had no solution and offered none. Spoke to manager who finally refunded order. We went somewhere else. This restaurant is on 6 mile cypress with a ton of other restaurants around. Guess they don't care. Now I know why the on on 41 closed

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