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The worse Insurance Company... I trusted them and I thought that they would take care of me because I've been with them for more than 10 years with Autos. I bought a house last year and I trusted them for Homeowners Insurance that they will take care of me and I never once questioned it. No agents talked to me about the coverage just added homeowners insurance.

Well, finally I got a chance to test their policy. I had two electric bikes that were stolen from my backyard at my property with locks that these cost me close to $5000.

So, I was really upset and still upset and looking around my town if someone else are riding around with them. I filed a claim for lost property and maybe with deduction I will get some money for my claim.

Lo and behold, Farmers declined my claim that they said they cannot issue any money. Farmers said that electric bikes are motor vehicles so they are not covered under my homeowners policy.

Imagine that, no one ever told me that even their agents. I am shopping for a new insurance now and also other members of my family are going to switch from FARMERS.

Yeah, for a couple or $3000 of payback for stolen property, they are going to lose out $10000 at least per year.

DO NOT TRUST FARMERS... money hogs they are.

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