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Flipkart — Reviews, Complaints and Experiences

Dedicated page for reviews and complaints about Flipkart.

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I ordered a mobile(Poco M3 6gbRAm/64gb) through flipkart on big billion days and product I received was defective.since the product got 7 days return policy i lodged a complaint and asked for replacement...And it was narrowed down to my replacement was being processed

    I was ok with it upto this then it took nearly 3-4 days for my cancellation process and after going through numerous customer support and executives it still shown my cancellation request would be processed. Seriously  don’t know how much long they would take to resolve my issue and suddenly one day a technician called me asked for my concern and after explaining that he said look through troubleshoot we won’t provide any replacement and after another set of complaint a executive told a checking would be done after checking and saying my product was defective suddenly flipkart send a message indicating it was rejected and we wont give replacements...no one from flipkart gave porper solution through the calls they disconnecting me they use cheap tricks like changing resolution date saying sorrys like that...seriously flipkart provided mental haressment for me through their service without providing me solution...this complaint was regarding that kindly tale proper action and give me solution

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Reviews, Complaints and Experiences
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Reviews, Complaints and Experiences
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Reviews, Complaints and Experiences
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