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You shut up, again.

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After I posted that article about Hunter Biden on Reddit, they decided to permanently suspend me for sexually explicit or pornography posted on their site. I've never posted any sexually explicit or pornography on any social media site or anywhere for that matter. It seems like Reddit likes to frame people for something they did not do. What's so sexually explicit about it? Hunter smoking on a crack pipe? Free speech has become a rarity these days.

I know people have a lot to say, stop being silent and let your voice be heard! No jail, suspensions just freedom of speech.

hello everyone

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The weapon of social networks, the economic weapon, the dollar weapon, the biochemical weapon and the propaganda weapon, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses these five weapons to hack and attack the world and maintain the domination of its tyrannical regime

Let’s start off by saying the owner of Griffs mark griffin is a con artist and only cares about money instead of keeping everyone safe especially through this Covid. He and one of his managers caught the virus and after 2 days of...

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Hello everyone