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Hard working at every turn and in many different industries

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I have both the misfortune and opportunity to worknfor this company. I was a trainer for the company pretty much right from the start. At the beginning the company was all about the driver then everything changed. When they hired me I was told if I reset on the road they would pay for ky 2 nights in the hotel plus 150. Then it changed to 1 night and 150 then to no hotel but 300. Well on the surface this looks good but then when you get into it there are very few places where you can get a hotel for 2 nights for 300 especially in bigger centers. Then came the safety department who in my opinion went from safety to overbearing and unsafe with their mandate for such things as not using Jake brakes in the winter instead of taking the time to train people how to and when to use them safely. I would not be alive if I had followed this stupid rule as it was my wits, Jake brake and luck that saved my life when I lost all brakes on my trailer going down a steep winding road. The company is so focussed on safety now that they have even turn away from their use of the Smith driving course. The drivers are now so worried about speeding even 1 over the limit tgat they are staring at the dash instead of out the window where their eyes should be.

Darin "Newman" Kulman
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It completely amazes me how bad some truck drivers are at driving. You would think that the guy sitting behind the wheel of an 80,000 lbs truck would have some common sense. Apparently there are a few that do but there are the vast majority that don't have a clue what they are doing and quite frankly shouldn't be on the roads. The fact that truck drivers transport most of the goods we all take for granted that they will be in the store when we go to purchase them is daunting to say the least when you see the stupidity on the roads daily. Case in point was sitting in a washbay getting my trailer washout so I can load produce heading north when a driver two stalls over started pulled by away and took a hard right ripping the hood off another truck sitting beside him. Like really I thought standard equipment on these trucks are mirrors....maybe use them?!?!

Solomon Nhah

This guy was a business owner of a trucking company I had the misfortune of working for. This guy talked the talk but definitely couldn't walk the walk. He was shady at the very least and he would make his drivers do thing he absolutely knew were not only illegal but unethical. These practices well followed me as a driver when I left the company. For nearly a year after I left the company I would be detained at border crossings due to this man's business practices such as interstating of freight between states. This is illegal. Take my advice do not do business with this man

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