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I am just an honest person

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My FLOW bill is usually between $72 - $79, Why do i have to pay almost $200 for September?..I called Flow and they tell me its my Data..I say what Data...I have cancelled my Data plan months ago, i do not use data on that phone, I am awaiting an answer from FLOW because I refuse to pay that amount, I will only pay what my monthly bill supposed to be, Is this another Scam by Flow Barbados? #flowbarbados #mobilephone #flowbilling

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FLOW Barbados discoverflow.co/barbados/ is a complete scam service - I am paying a high amount of money per month to get high speed internet - I run a Worldwide Online Radio station, I was told by FLOW that - the internet will be stable and it will not drop - I have paid extra for this service, but its LIE. The service is terrible and keeps dropping, FLOW customer service does not care  they just dont listen or pay any attention to my needs,  I am loosing radio listeners - It is an embarrassment to even try a run a radio show with this awful service that FLOW Barbados provides. THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE or even of any help or free service upgrades

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