Anthem Country Club (Henderson, Nevada)

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I have on good Authority that HOA does NOT cite vendors or club members....yup you heard me right. I have a good friend on the board and kept my mouth shut till now. By the instructions of Mike Cornwell, security does in fact write up the citations but the HOA throws them out. Only target Anthem has are the residents and all board members know about this. Don’t waste your time reporting anything, HOA doesn’t give a crap!    

I used to live in Anthem but moved recently because of all the fakes that live here. Most of the residents are broke, con artists, and complete scum. I was a victim of one of them, lost out on thousands that was stolen from me because his business is a complete fraud. More details to come with that on a later date.  #fileacomplaint #countryclub #hendersonneveda #89052 #neveda #lasvegas #1anthemclubdrive #tennis #mixedgrill #2518anthemvilliagedrive #gatedcommunity gatedcommunity

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Anthem Country Club (Henderson, Nevada)
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