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    Not much to say, consumer, I buy things online occasionally, I've also been burned.

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    It's really sad what's happened to California, the politicians took over and the whole state went to ****.

    It looks like Facebook has a problem with other social media. I guess they don't like their people going to different media sites. In this case Liker. Boo-boo Zuckerberg! 😭

    Now YouTube is up to their shenanigans, a very important piece of information from the CIA director and the Trump administration. They held a sting operation by putting watermarks on actual ballots, so they can find which ballots are legal and which ballots aren't. Now they claim that it goes against YouTube standards. So they took it offline.

    Is there a company or individual person you’d like to complain about? Make your own dedicated page just for them so that others can complain, rant and get all their anger out simply by going in review. If what you are looking for hasn’t been added yet then add it to the list. After that others will have access to it as well to voice their opinions. Someone might of already beat you to it. Easily use the search engine first to find what your looking for, if it’s there already then the faster you get to the nitty gritty.....let’s hear everyone rant!

    If you've been on Facebook you know about the ads. There's been a lot of ads that look the same concerning Halloween stuff. There's this one who uses the slick ad that advertises these masks that are like state-of-the-art. The ad that I'm thinking of is from devilsmile. I thought I was going to get a really nice silicone mask with gloves. Something I could use for years. I received what you could get from any cheap Halloween store. The quality is ****.

    After I posted that article about Hunter Biden on Reddit, they decided to permanently suspend me for sexually explicit or pornography posted on their site. I've never posted any sexually explicit or pornography on any social media site or anywhere for that matter. It seems like Reddit likes to frame people for something they did not do. What's so sexually explicit about it? Hunter smoking on a crack pipe? Free speech has become a rarity these days.

    You just got to love these social media sites. Obviously you get banned for freedom of speech.

    I tried to download on Facebook, a leading news story about Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden.

    BREAKING: China's GTV Releases Videos of Hunter Biden Sex Tapes while Smoking Crack

    When I pushed share, it came up with a blank page with a banner on the top, saying they refuse to share it because it would "OFFEND" someone. The only people it would offend would be Democrats. I didn't intend for this public story to "offend" anyone with balls enough to take it. What happens when you offend someone? NOTHING... Nothing happens, get over it have some fucking balls. These people at Facebook are out of control.

    I'm sure all of you are familiar with Facebook jail, a friend of mine got put there for three days because she posted a picture of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and his daughter Liv. Steven wasn't wearing a shirt and the powers that be at Facebook thought it was an old woman without a shirt. The censorship at Facebook is way out of hand. Five of my friends got put in Facebook jail within a week. Most of why they got put there is because they spoke out against Democrats or made fun of them. Especially Joe Biden
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