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  • Trudeau and Biden are communist please don't go ther

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    Hello everyone! With social media platforms putting you in jail and deleting your comments because it “violates” their terms, file a complaint has something to offer....FREEDOM OF SPEECH. You can set up a profile picture and cover photo, rant about your day or anyone for that matter and write complaints on organizations or a person who done you wrong. On top of that we offer take down services for those who’s naughty pictures ended up online, slander and other matters you don’t want the world to see. Check us out at and see what we can do for you.  

    We are very excited for what the future holds! Not only do we provide a social media platform that exercises your right of freedom of speech and take down services we are also in the works of many other surprises that will blow your mind. Stay tuned and start ranting!

    File a Complaint offers freedom of speech for everyone. Share your side of the gossip rumor mill, starts debates, rant about a neighbor, politics, or a business. We are here to give back your voices unlike any other social media platform. What are you waiting for!    

    Gossip all over the Internet and photos you don’t want seen? File a Complaint can take care of that and manage your reputation with our take town service. Contact us for information on why we the best option out there.

    Freedom of speech, that’s what everyone preaches but have you actually found a social media platform that exercises that right? File a complaint does and we 100% stand by it. Join our community and practice your right to speak freely about anyone and anything. Yeah Right 

    Did you know that file a complaint offers many other services like reputation management and online content removal from other sites? Yes that’s right, we are here for you and will do whatever it takes to protect your reputation so that you don’t have to fight alone and feel defeated. Trust in us and get guaranteed customer satisfaction.  

    Hello fellow ranters! What has been on your mind lately? File a complaint is here to listen to your rants and complaints. Is there someone sharing info, writing about you online, posting private pictures that you want taken down? We have an active take down solution to your problem. Contact us to see what your options are for taking down what you don't want seen on the internet. Yeah Right  Mark_UNA Your Nightmare    

    Hellow fellow ranters! How is your day going? Any Complaints?

    Reposted Mr. Blaz's review.

    I dont even know why I bothered with them again.

    A few months back I had like 600 points, which should let me order a couple free pizzas. After spending an hour on their app trying to cash in my points and also speaking with the failures they have working their customer service, I gave up and deleted the app.

    Today I was overwhelmed with optimism and gave it another try. Now theyre saying my credit card is invalid.

    I didnt delete the account, to be clear. And im aware their pizza generally tastes like frozen pizza that was made by someone who is really good with an oven, but this is bullshit. Im hungry, I have points and money, but its like they're making me solve riddles before letting me PAY THEM MONEY FOR FOOD???

    How many hoops do I have to jump through to be able to use my points? I'm not calling customer service again,, and the last window licker i talked to at an actual store wouldnt or couldn't let me use my points over the phone. Pizza Hut sucks, go to a grocery store instead and just buy the cheapest frozen garbage you can find. At least you're probably going to get to eat pizza that way.

    Reposted The Man's post.

    The Democrats are like Trudeaus Liberals they are Corrupt will do anything to win, Both Parties are Corrupt Like Trump said Polls close at 9PM same as they did from day one. The Democrats want to stay open which is against the Laws and those polls that didn't shut down those people should be charged with interfering with the Election. #trudeau #election #2020 #democrats #republicans

    Another helpful tip for my fellow “ranters” sure to hashtag your complaints to get the word out.

    Is there a company or individual person you’d like to complain about? Make your own dedicated page just for them so that others can complain, rant and get all their anger out simply by going in review. If what you are looking for hasn’t been added yet then add it to the list. After that others will have access to it as well to voice their opinions. Someone might of already beat you to it. Easily use the search engine first to find what your looking for, if it’s there already then the faster you get to the nitty gritty.....let’s hear everyone rant!

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