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Horrible establishment

Let’s start off by saying the owner of Griffs mark griffin is a con artist and only cares about money instead of keeping everyone safe especially through this Covid. He and one of his managers caught the virus and after 2 days of shutting down to deep clean mark had his manager Gary sneak in the bar to take money out of the safe putting everyone at risk yet again. He was caught on cameras and they decided to keep it a secret and still open up as scheduled. On top of that he’s taking advantage of the other pool halls closing and charging everyone a fee every night for league. If you play in a pool league then you know it’s considered greedy to charge a league to play at your establishment because of the fact people are buying a crapload of food and drinks. Makes up if not even more for the rate people are charged to rent a table hourly during the day. Mark griffin can’t be trusted and neither his employees. 3650 S Decatur Las Vegas.

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  • Completely agree, topical Las Vegas con artist

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