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Not following Covid safety procedures

The manager Gary is quick to throw other bars under the buss and tell other managers to keep track of their customers wearing masks. These pictures were personally posted by Gary sometime in September of this year, time stamp is on the picture when you click on them, in the pool hall area, NOT the bar where you need to pull down or remove your mask to eat and drink. Griffs does not promote a safe environment and need I remind everyone that both Gary and the owner Mark have gotten Covid and still do nothing to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Why is this place still open, let’s shut this place down!!! #twitter #instagram #lasvegas #fileacomplaint #pooltournament #poolevents #dining #food #lasvegaspoolplayers #bcapool #apapool #bca #apa #poolleagues

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  • Great to see we have freedom of speech on this platform where Facebook got into politics and screens all Canadians post. Anything about Trudeau and his Communist Ways Facebook shuts you down

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    • Covid19 is a Joke its only a Flu with Government control. Liberals in Canada and Democrats in the States don't want you to hear the truth. The two parties want to change our world.

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      • If you check out the deaths that is attributed to covid-19, 99% of the deaths are because of an underlying health issue, or something natural, they just happen to have contracted it but it didn't just cause the actual death. You could get stabbed in an alleyway somewhere and they'll say it's caused by covid-19

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