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Its like Pizza Hut hates money.

I dont even know why I bothered with them again.

A few months back I had like 600 points, which should let me order a couple free pizzas. After spending an hour on their app trying to cash in my points and also speaking with the failures they have working their customer service, I gave up and deleted the app.

Today I was overwhelmed with optimism and gave it another try. Now theyre saying my credit card is invalid.

I didnt delete the account, to be clear. And im aware their pizza generally tastes like frozen pizza that was made by someone who is really good with an oven, but this is bullshit. Im hungry, I have points and money, but its like they're making me solve riddles before letting me PAY THEM MONEY FOR FOOD???

How many hoops do I have to jump through to be able to use my points? I'm not calling customer service again,, and the last window licker i talked to at an actual store wouldnt or couldn't let me use my points over the phone. Pizza Hut sucks, go to a grocery store instead and just buy the cheapest frozen garbage you can find. At least you're probably going to get to eat pizza that way.

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  • Pizza Pizza !!!

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