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    My name is Brianna Kirsten Patenaude, I was born on June 10th 1996. I live in crysler Ontario, Canada. My address is 1764 Nine Mile Road, K0A1R0.


    I am a victim of a serious and huge conspiracy and a bunch of illegal activities that so many people have been doing to me.


    It started in December 2018 , when I was 3 and half months pregnant and my ex boyfriend cooked me a dinner and I started bleeding and puking and getting contractions. I went to the hospital and they took my blood and urine and went home, I have negative A blood and they didnt do an ultrasound. I was puking. And couldn’t get out of bed for 3 days and finally went back to the hospital. They tried to send me home and I demanded I wanted an ultrasound. They did an ultrasound and the ultrasound tech seemed very worried. They told me everything was fine and sent me home. Two months later I passed a lot of tissue and started bleeding a lot. Went to the hospital they did nothing. I went to another one and he filtered my blood, took me right away and put me on ivs for 3 hours and did a X-ray and sent me home, refused to let me see my ultrasound and wouldn’t give me his name and said no one can help me. Most of the time I would go to the hospital I would wait in so much pain for 11 hours and they would send me home.


    My whole body changed, I started bleeding rectally and still am until this day. Cysts on my face l, extreme pain, passing tissue and so much more.


    Once day I went to the police and they grabbed me put me in the back of an ambulance and brought to the kemp tickle old retirement home, the paramedic did a ultrasound and they wouldn’t let me leave. We weren’t even at a hospital and he threatened to use his gun. Make me take random medication and brought me to brocckville mental health where they did another ultrasound. And after that every doctor said my pain was in my head. They grabbed me at the civic hospital when I tried to leave injected me with needles and I woke up days later strapped to a bed in the mental health unit. Eventually they did surgery (2 years after) and said I had endometriosis. They would also follow me everywhere I go, most of time I couldn’t use my phone because they somehow had control of it, still do. And I’m still sick, I’m in so much pain and this ere is so much more to it. But I can’t explain everything right now because they are trying to hurt me again. I’m terrified. No one will help me. I literally have no one, and im begging you, please, help me.


    My ex boyfriend is Jonathan Stucker who he had told me he was part of the **** angels. Maybe it’s them I don’t know .


    I think they just left my bed baby inside me for 2 years


    They used to lock me up in mental health if I would talk to the police about it.


    Responsible : Ottawa civic hospital, Winchester hospital, Ottawa general hospital, Montfort hospital, Cornwall hospital, Ottawa medical group.


    Maybe it’s more, I don’t know


    I’ll attach pictures of all the evidence I have.


    Please help me, thank you.



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