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    **WARNING: Lot's of issues with Copper Mobile, Arvind Sarin and Jeff. Their project management lacked any organization at all; we had to take our own notes at every meeting to keep them on track. At one point our "project manager" was suddenly relocated to another project and we weren't notified - actually, nobody on the team was notified. They had no idea where he had gone! In the end, our app DOESN'T WORK AT ALL because they payment processor that they supposedly researched and chose for our app is incompatible with the type of transactions we needed to process, and they have stopped processing any payments. This, along with many other things brings me to rate Copper with 0 stars. We do feel like we've been ripped-off. We sensed from the very beginning that the used car dealership sales tactics from Arvind, and the constant over-promising and underdelivering from the team was going to be a problem. We complained hundreds of times to them, and that's no exaggeration. Actually, before we started working with them I asked them to send me a past customer's info to ask for a review. Turns out that the past "client" is a previous employee of Copper Mobile. Should have done more digging. Save yourself! They do have other ripoff reports, I encourage you to read them as well as they employee reviews on glassdoor.

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    100% TRUTH - Copper mobile, Arvind Sarin simply goes to India for cheap labour and charges the US customers thousands of US Dollars for NON-WORKING apps.  Scam Scam Scam.

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    Arvind Sarin is the Chairman of Dallas-based Copper Mobile, a leading enterprise-centric mobile development firm This man and his company completely stole our money and refuse to return and and deliver an application that we paid for! is 110% scam . stay away from this company!!!!  

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    Arvind Sarin and Copper Mobile Steals Your Money and Never Delivers


    Coppermobile Arvind Sarin  is an application development company based in Dallas, TX and the company is dedicated to taking advantage of unsuspecting entrepreneurs on a daily if not hourly basis. They allegedly, have a lot of current projects that are just useless wastes of man power but what is worse than that is that they do not care.  Reportedly,  from the comments made by some of Copper mobile most dissatisfied customers and clients our reporters have learned, that Copper mobile  has had the audacity of making their customers/victims pay all of the money for projects before they receive one kilobyte of work as this is the only way that Copper mobile can remain solvent. NOW with that in out of the way, The Copper mobile company starts with their tasks of building the applications whenever they feel like it and as they see fit and will deliver a clients product within their own time frames. Just watch the Copper mobile CEO and Co- Founder  Arvind Sarin  and you can be the judge if this looks like the face of someone who is trustworthy. Yep! We thought so Lies, Lies, Lies yeah! You know the song and dance.

    Arvind Sarin  RocketReach

    This is wrong and it must be stopped!! Where is Justice? How long can these scumbags be allowed to be above reproach?

    Do NOT hire this company to build Mobile Applications for you if you value your business reputation in the mobile applications community in the slightest. These people Rip Off Developers and are company of Vipers and Copperhead snakes. Just waiting for Americans wallets..       

    Watch out for these names..

    Arvind SarinKeith-Morrow Paul-Golden

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    Arvind Sarin and Copper Mobile are the biggest con artists in the world. Took my money and ran, claim they can deliver but they can't. Im the only one that they stole from and the truth will come out. Took advantage of me and others and it has to stop.

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    I believe in karma, others will come and tell their story and finally take down this shady company. Arvind Sarin and Copper Mobile should be ashamed of what they have done to people. Scum of the earth.

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    Arvind Sarin, owner of copper mobile, is a liar and thief. You can not trust him or this company. They owe alot of people money including me and they must be stopped! Help me get justice.

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    I was scammed by Copper Mobile and Arvind Sarin out of a large amount of money. He couldn't delivery with my app and then took my money and ran. Who the hell does that??! He treats his employees like crap, writes reviews about himself and pays people off to keep quiet. Well not anymore, i encourage everyone to come out and share your experiences so the world can find out the truth about this company.

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