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Karamveer Sethi (+91 705444716) This person works at Bentchair in Delhi currently when I am writing this ( June 2021) He will make a very good impression, will make friendly relations and then he takes money for work purpose he commits to give it back. But he never returns the money. He has took Rs. 500/- from me on 18 February 2021 attached is the screenshot of the phonepe transaction details of the transaction is mentioned there. And I have also attached his picture. I really want him to return my money back but when I ask him to return it back he will throw some lame excusethat he is in debt of 1 lakh rupee though he earns a good amount of salary approx 40k a month as he is a interior des
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I do not get any feedback from supplier. Paid for product 2 months ago. The product was Hightech Artificial Robot for R1500. 00. 27th of March 2021.  I got an order number #1639 and product would be ready for despatch within a week. I am still waiting for a tracking number. 
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