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Did not follow instructions!!!!
On Wednesday, 5/5/21 a package was left at my front door. The instructions on the box to deliver to SIDE door were covered by an UPS label.
A sign on my front door states all deliveries to side door on left side of house!!!
The box was clearly Mark HEAT SENSITIVE...the box was placed directly in the sun! The contents were chocolate covered cookies and candy, completely melted! Happy Mother's Day to me!
This is very poor service and pauses me to think twice before using UPS for anything ever again.
 #fileacomplaint #ups #upsmeltedmychocolates #didnotfollowinstructions
organization: SEO Forum
Product: Forum
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Do Not Use SEO Forum #SEOFORUM
Do Not Use this Company for anything! They are highly discriminatory Service. They are acting like FB and just banning people for no reason without cause and or notice of anything. is not the place to go for your SEO needs. Horrible. 
organization: The Crane Hotel-Barbados
Worst hotel ever
I was so excited to visit The Crane Barbados as it was also my first trip to beautiful Barbados. My boyfriend and I booked The Crane for his birthday. I booked an Ocean View suite. Right from booking there were lots of problems. They overcharged me and did not send me a confirmation email - I had to call 5 times. to receive one I also called to ask about the rules for quarantine and was not told that we could not go to the beach or use any of the amenities and would be locked in our room (I would have stayed elsewhere). When we arrived in our suite, our jet tub was broken - we reported it (it was never fixed). There was zero room cleaning. The concierge at the hotel also lost our original CO
organization: Gillette
Confusing selection of razors and blades
Just spent a small fortune on the wrong blades for my razor ! Talk about confusing !!Also the packaging is a disgrace, you need a toolkit and then I had to break some plastic covers holding the blades, so no chance of returning them now. #fileacomplaint #gillette #packagingsucks #whatadisgrace
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Strings snapped within a week of use
I've only just started playing tennis and after just using it 4 times, the strings on the racquet snapped. My shots aren't powerful so, it was all the more disappointing that it didn't make it past a week of use. #fileacomplaint #headsports #headtennisraquet #stringsareweak #getprofessionalstrings
organization: Whirlpool
Undvik Whirlcrap vad du än gör!
Köpte just ett kylskåp, precisionen i tillverkningen är så låg att det är helt ofattbart! Drivs deras fabrik av utvecklingstörda barn som röker crack? Det skulle inte förvåna mig. Skräpet har just levererats, måste returneras. Kommer aldrig köpa något från Whirljunk igen. Aldrig någonsin. Det är tragiskt, man talar om miljön och "hållbarhet", skitsnack! Det handlar bara om att producera billigt! billigt! billigt! Mera marginal! Det talar om vår tid - kvalitet är ett begrepp som ingen förstår längre. Jag skulle gärna betala mer för något som är välbyggt, som håller. Det är Trodde aldrig att kvalitén skulle vara så här låg, trodde Whirljunk hade i alla fall en viss kvalitetsstandard. Jag hade
What's a kinder word for junk?
Had high hopes for this product, so the letdown is extra harsh. Really, really poor optics for this class of home security camera. Our old Wyze cameras are way sharper.Night vision is abyssmal. Not kind of bad, but truly muddled grey blotchiness.The app is atrociously slow. We're running Amplifi Alien mesh wifi in a small house, so it's not the wifi connection. The cameras take about 10 seconds to activate whereas our Wyze cameras take about 3 seconds.The fact that it will not interact and display feeds into the Ring app of our brand new Amazon Ring alarm system (Ring alarm is awesome!) is my other very major gripe.Considering the muscle Amazon could bring to this product launch, I see it as
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organization: Nike
Cancels orders
Nike constantly cancel orders with no reasons also claim to not have a complaints department?? Literally cancelled 17 orders and not notified me, even rang the company to place an order and they told me it worked then they cancelled it They also don’t tell you once you send back items you have to contact them and prove you posted it before they refund you so you will be waiting forever for your money back. #nike #cancelsorders #fileacomplaint #donotbotherwithnike
I got severe eye burns with this product!!! There is no indication to avoid the eye area in the package! Very painful.After this happened I read several reviews about Neutrogena products other than this one and there are a lot of complains about burns . #fileacomplaint #burns #neutrogena #beware #eyeburns
organization: Skechers
Skechers over rated over priced, not good for feet
At first I thought the memory foam gogamax ballet flat was good. A few months later I found my feet aching from wearing them. I also noticed they could suddenly be a trip hazard. My foot pain has resolved after I stopped wearing them.Also over rated and over priced. Can buy real leather shoes by other well known trusted brands for the same price. Skechers charge $139 for non leather foot wrecking trip hazards. Do not recommend, the soles are horrible and memory foam is minimum not supporting feet. #fileacomplaint #skechersaretheworst #skechers #overrated #overpriced
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Polecam inne miejsca
Dawno nie byłem w tym miejscu (przed dziećmi). Kiedyś pracowali tam pasjonaci którzy opowiadali o piwie i pomagali w wyborze. Dziś pracownicy mówią "to co widać, proszę czytać". Przy zakupie piwa w tej cenie polecam inne lokale. #fileacomplaint Poland #bar #pub
 Horší podnik ještě jsem jsem nažažil ve Vinohradech.
Horší podnik ještě jsem jsem nažažil ve Vinohradech. Katastrofická obsluha předražené koktejl, laciný interier a židé za 200 Kč což se rovná skoro ceni 1 koktejlu. Objednal 3 x stejný koktejl za 170 Kč a po každé dostal v jiné skleničky a po třetí dostal úplně jiný koktejl (už neměl sílu reklamovat). Po prvé koktejl byl ve skleničce plné ledu a kostka jako celá sklenička. #fileacomplaint Czech Republic #bar #cafe #pub #horrible
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