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organization: Instacart
Wrong address......again
I don't know how many times I have to complain about instacart drivers delivering my food to the wrong house for some change to happen. Update the GPS system! or get smarter people to work!!! 
organization: AT&T
just horrible
So im about done with this company. It used to be good but now all my calls keep getting dropped and they charged my plan without telling me. Ugh!!!!
organization: Directv
Raised my rate
Dealing with Directv is impossible. They raised my rate $41.00. From one month to next I can't do anything. I canceled my service and they still want the full month after one day.
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  •  · Loo Loo
organization: LongHorn Steakhouse
Not cooked well
We ordered food last week. Had one of the worst steaks ever. It was well done and not edible. It's sad to have a restaurant of this quality and have a chef cook a steak so poorly. We plan on never returning. We have always had good food here previously          
organization: Wendy’s
Repeated Mistakes at Wendy's
EVERY TIME I go to Wendy's in Queens, NY they forget to give me something. Once they forgot my nuggets, second they forgot the sauce for the nuggets which I requested on my order, and thirdly and twice they did this, they forgot the sour cream for the sour cream and chives baked potato. Yes, Wendy's does correct their mistake at my expense since I have to drive to them. Well, they got 3 strikes and I will give them 1more chance before I say bye-bye Mr. Wendy.
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  •  · Daisy Bee
organization: Domino’s
Food not fit for consumption
I placed an order on the app which said 23 minutes delivery. The food arrived 57 minutes later and was only warm and congealed. The food did not look nice at all. I sent the pizzas back with the driver then contacted the store. The store refused me a refund so I had to ask for the manager who only criticised the app saying the times were wrong. However my brother placed an order 5 to 10 minutes after me and got his food in time etc. Eventually the supervisor agreed to give me a refund but I should not of had to argue to get one.However a few days later and still no refund      
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  •  · cherry
organization: Dr. Lal PathLabs
I went to Dr Lal Path labs, Thakurdwara and requested them for a Fever Panel. On the call, they have told me that need to collect blood and urine samples but as soon as I reached there they have only collected blood sample and when I reminded them about urine sample they declined by saying there is no need to urine sample. Due to this i have not received my final reporta as urine results still needs to be followed up. Because of their negligence I have to bear the cos with my health. Such a negligence and intolerable behaviour by such an esteemed laboratory is never expected. I want to lodge a complaint against the same.
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  •  · Priyank k
organization: Postmates
The customer service is non existent. I have called the phone number that they hid on their website 5 times!!!!!3 times I got an automated message that hung up on me. Then I got a person who suggested I call a different phone number which was out of order. When I called for the 5th time to see if there was an email address I could use the person hung up on me!
organization: Colgate
Vote with your wallets people! I am absolutely disappointed to know that you are using animal testing and therefore this unnecessary and disgusting animal cruelty cannot be tolerated anymore! I have been buying your products for long time, but as soon as I got to know this, I decided not to use your products and switch to brands that do not do this anymore. There are alternatives to avoid it and so many brands are switching to cruelty-free. If you care at all about poor animals and people in general, you should be more considerate, then maybe more customers will come back.      
organization: Colvin
Product: Bouquet
The bouquet never arrived on my son's wedding day
I ordered a delivery of a bouquet to my daughter in law on my son's wedding day in Spain, as none of the family could attend because of lockdowns both here in Italy and there in Catalunya. The bouquet never arrived. I chased Colvin up and was told they were sorry (sorry?!?) offering an alternative date at my pleasure. I demanded a refund, which I got. The only good thing I can say about them is their customer service is polite and prompt in replying. Never again!
organization: AutoZone
Thanks Auto zone
NEVER PLACE AN ORDER ONLINE FOR AUTOZONE! I placed an online order at My order was confirmed via email.I check my card to make sure the purchase was complete.Although they never charged my card I was told my shipment would come the next day . Still no charge , I called the next morning at 7 am and was told that I need to further confirm things with them and they couldn’t explain what I needed to confirm.So the gave me a 15$ gift card and told me my tracking number would be sent by email. It is now 11 pm at night and so haven’t received a tracking number so I won’t be getting order anytime soon. I just place my order at Advance auto parts informed them of the situation THEY HAVE
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  •  · Ladybug
organization: Ready Roofing Company
Waste of time and money
I really wish I could say something good about my experience but I can't. Let's just put it this way. If you pay this company to repair your roof even after warning signs such as being unresponsive, late, and doing just enough so that your roof only leaks when it rains🤔. Forget about it. Doing business with the company was a complete waste of time and money. I actually had to find another company to do the job right. Time is money and I have none to waste. If you don't have time and money to waste either then skip this company altogether and take your business elsewhere. I can't help but notice the good reviews and to be honest, that is one reason I selected them first. However, I now have f
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